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GIGAVACs P115 MiniTACTOR jetzt UL certified

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Just drive down any street and you will see an ever increasing number of photovoltaic, PV, panels on the roofs of homes and businesses. Along with the increase of these solar PV systems is an increased concern for the safety of those who come into contact with the high voltage portions of these systems.

This concern is not only for installers and owners but also for firefighters and first responders to a scene that includes a PV system. This concern has led agencies such as the National Fire Protection Agency, NFPA, to request guidelines for PV installations that help protect fire fighters from potential electric hazards.

Earlier this year a rapid shutdown requirement for PV systems was added to the National Electric Code. NEC article 690‐12 requires a shutdown or disconnect within ten seconds of demand.

Massachusetts was the first state to adopt NEC 690‐12. Before this year installers were unable to find a solution to effectively switch off the DC portion of PV systems in ten seconds or less. Then installer companies were reporting that GIGAVAC’s first MiniTACTOR™, the P105, was the only solution to meet the code.

Now GIGAVAC offers that solution with UL Certification in the P115. The P115 MiniTACTOR ™ uses patented technology to provide a small, lightweight and cost effective solution to DC power switching. Designed and manufactured in the USA, the hermetically sealed GIGAVAC P115 joins GIGAVAC’s line‐up of other sealed switching products including High Voltage Relays and EPIC® sealed contactors.

At less than four ounces (100 grams) and measuring about 3x1x2 inches (79x30x46 mm), the GIGAVAC P115 can easily be installed in any orientation on a panel in a matter of seconds. An integrated safety cover provides added protection for power and coil connections.

The sealed chamber for both contacts and coil assures clean switching in any environment. Safe make and break power switching can be achieved at any voltage up to 1200Vdc. With bi‐directional switching capability and current carry to 50A, this MiniTACTOR ™ is the perfect choice for many solar applications.

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